Dancing with my girl !

Dancing with my girl,
on terrific rythm,
with fancy clothes
and sexy attitude...

That's my life babe!!!


Happy New Yeeeaaarz!!!

Hey, I'm drunk!
But happy new year fellows!!!
It's the rabbit year, excellent for sexing!


Kind of sensuality... again !

Yeah, sometime I'm feel... Porky!

Kind of sensuality...

Okay! I'm agree with you lads! I'm not sensual, even a inch, but sometime, when I notice the boys on my non-curved body and my chimp-face, I think "Lyna, you're hot!". Sometime, I feel like a girl, and it's good! So, gift for ya!


Party girls

yes, we are girls who are partying ... but here, because lack of money and gasoline prevents us from going to lady gaga's mansion, annoying her and stealing her wigs! But we play like crazy!


Fringe season 3 trailer... Yiiiiish!

My best time for chillin' all the night! Look at Fringe, a great tv show with excellent actors, stories and drama!


Don't touch that !

Touch me if you want, I love when my boobies are hardened by cool hands!
It was a pretty good night, with lot of my old friends and new buddies! Cool music and a rain of tequila!

I'm not Nastee !!!

Nooooooooooooo! It's not me who want to poo outside!
(my slaver, it's my friend Tuy, aka the duck of death)

This is Nastee

Two good news for you, and for me! I show you those two creatures who share my love! This is Nastee, my so cool puppy and my new boyfriend Marc, a musician, a damned good lover, a kind man, a cook and also a snorter of exception! Life is so beautiful with love to gave and receive!


You know...

you know, I think there are moments in our lives during which anything can change. Often not realize because we're too busy managing the daily. I think I have just passed through a moment like that today. I am full of daring things and I can only cross our fingers and hope that it gives something!


I forgot one stuff?

1) A bag of Twizzlers for the boy I have a crush on. He likes them. I'm nice. I also do not carry these around everyday. I'm merely storing them in my bag until the next time him and I hang out.
2) My portable makeup bag. It contains: a stick of organic orange chapstick, a tube of african musk oil, black liquid eyeliner, brow pencil, a mini mirror, liquid concealer, and a bowie with Ziggy Stardust on it.
3) Mango scented body lotion.
4) Hand sanitizer. Old stripper habits die hard.
5) The aforementioned purse which I procured to a store called Trash And Vaudeville which is run by a guy who reminds me of Iggy Pop and Joey Ramone mashed together, only not as cool.
6) My keys, along with an old key that I received as a gift, and two key chains from Japan. One is a little mini samurai with a bell, the other is a naked little Cupie.
7) Batteries, for whenever I carry my digital camera with me.
8) My wallet. It's a little big, but it does it's job well. This was also procured from Trash And Vaudeville. Not the matching materiel that it has with the purse! That was completely unplanned on my part.
9) Djarum Black clove cigarettes. I started my love affair with these while stripping. the smell bothers most people, but not me. I find it pleasant.
10) Two books of matches, unused. As I was putting everything back in my purse after taking this photo I found two more unused matchbooks. I really don't like to use matches. I keep my lighter in my coat pocket.
11) Three condoms. I can't rely on silly boys to have them, so I always keep some in my bag.
12) Mini-thingy of "personal lubricant".
13) A nifty little notebook wrapped in metal. It's held closed with it's own little metal pen.
14) Trident gum. Spearmint flavored.
15) French vanilla chapstick. Yes, I carry two things of chapstick with me. This is really just because sometimes I want my lips to taste like different things.
16) My portable toothbrush in it's handy-dandy carrying case.
17) An Advil bottle that has been refilled with Aspirin.
18) An Odwalla bar. Chocolate Chip Peanut flavored. Sometimes I forget to eat if I'm running around the city so this is there for "emergencies".
19) My cellphone adorned with a keychain from the Hello Kitty store in Times Square. It has a bell, a little character sitting on an eclair, and a piece of smiling toast.
20) Headphones/headset for my cell phone.
21) Crest toothpaste. I like my mouth to be minty fresh.
22) "Hobo" gloves that can be converted into mittens. The left one is falling apart hence the safety pin.
So, there you have it. Sometimes things are added, but rarely are things taken away from this. It's not that heavy. It's a lot of small things.
I guess I like to be prepared.


Remember... Summer time!

Aw... summer time... when my little short was ready for photoshooting! For now, I'm just frozen until the sun shine again, and this fucking winter go to north pole! I'm sure that polar bears want to bleed humans with their fucking cold! I hate this season, my tits are always cold and no men can warmth them... Ooooo poor Lyna!!!


Winter.. what's that thang ???

You see? Winter for me, it's just the time when I take my furry on my shoulders! So, let the sun shinin' and the girls bikinin'!!! Happy christmas buddies!!!


Du ya think...

Du ya think the last shot was not so sexy I think? So, I take my sexy-pointed-sort-ass-dumbeee-style for you, charming princes!!! I'm sure you prefere that... but sorry, it's not for real, it's a stylish joke!!! huhuhu!!!

Where is my charming prince ???
(or princess... Ruuuh the naughteeeeee)

Natassa Mare 4tet


Yeah... huhu... Yeah...

When I phone call, I prefer to be naked, even when I go to the bar! lol
Now you think... Bu...Bu... But... where she was for taking this shot!!! Yeah good question buddie! But it's another mysteriiiiiiiiz!!! Enjoy the view! Hope that another girl like to phone call naked on a bar... It's ver frequent!


Classical one

This is my classical look for outing with normal people who cannot see my true side... But, Lyna, my beautiful angel, why you must hide your true side? Good question Lyna! I hide her because I want to live my life peacefuly, and I know that some of my friends (not true friends, but the others, of the daily life), disagreed with my style. So, classical!

This is Naughteeeeeeees

My band, my lovers (yeah, I love men, women, little boys, little girls, oldies, dogs and horse!!! OooooOoooOoooh the naughty girl!), my friends and confidents. I cannot share with you all I feel when I'm with them, but it's strong, more than I'm with a real lover, it's my band.

Olli & the bollywood orchestra: "Icheke Mantra"


Be careful people!

Bubbles are everywheeere!!! Beware this fuckin' translucide bubbles and happy week end! Smile and Laugh!

Dancin' !

I love the dance, all the dance in the world! Everyday I dance, even I'm alone, I love to break my heart with harsh and pulsing sounds! And you, PeoPle, ya love dancin'?

Wagas Festival 2008 Dune du Pyla- France


Sunset in my heart !

Yiiish! With my friends Poo and Skwikee, we go to the beach behind our houses! It's cool, and I love showing my tits! Pictures by Poo, just for you, unknown friends!!!


My angel shots

By LOREN, a best friend and also a great artist, sexy and pro like I want to be in the future. I'm very proud to be seen by her like that, not so pure of course, but beautiful. I love these shots.

I am... an artiiiiiiiiiist !

Yes, old gloves in my closet, scissors, and I feel creative! During the lonely nights, they speak with me about hard decisions...

Cari & Brit

You remember Bodyguard, when Whitney meet Kevin, and he bodyguard her very professionaly... So, I have two Bodyguards! They are furry and clawed! This is my cats, Cari and Brit, they fight everyday for their lives... Or maybe they only play together for chasing time! I love my furballs!!!

Kitchen of me

This is where I cook for my friends and my partners. On this picture, you see my kitchen cleaned up, it's very frequently that I wash, it's important of course! So, welcome to my kitchen!!!

Caaakiiing !!!

I'm the mistress of chocolat cakes stared with colorful little crispy sugars! If you cannot eat my last one, here in front of you mouth full of saliva, it's because you're not a close friend! try again people, and I'm sure we met one day!

Hellooo Kitty !

Yes, sometime I take a bath! And I show you my favorite underwear hello kitty, those I have for a long time now... Time when I was and innocent and virginal girl... Yes, this long lost past!!!


Smack with big lips !

Keeewl! Week end with my friend the sun and my other friends of course, but they're not so shiny, except K1 and his strassy pant!!! Happy Week end friends!!!

The Girlfriend Experience

GFE is five days in the life of an ultra high-end Manhattan call girl who thinks she has her life totally under control. She feels her future is secure because she runs her own business her own way, makes $2000 an hour, and has a devoted boyfriend who accepts her lifestyle. But when youre in the business of meeting people, you never know who youre going to meet.

Shot in a an artistic cinema verité style, the ups and downs of GFE's story line are less compelling than the very credible performance of award-winning adult film actress, Sasha Grey, as a determined young woman that has managed to achieve success as an upscale escort without any apparent loss of dignity, but clearly at the expense of her ability to feel anything deeply, be it with her clients or in her personal life. In an uncomplicated way, the film makes a provocative point about the more subtle costs of switching off aspects of our aliveness (i.e. our caring) to get ahead.